Brad's Medical & Cancer Fund
A Fundraiser to help Brad Kinsfather with medical expenses to fight Thyroid Cancer

Brad's Medical & Cancer Fund

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About Me

I started a medical fundraising campaign to help with medical expenses. I believe I can overcome this obstacle with your help.

Living a Normal Life

I grew up on a family farm in Laurel, Montana. I enjoyed corn harvest season the most and loved selling sweet corn in my childhood through growing up. I worked at the Video Library/Movie Gallery while in high school and later become store manager in 2001. For Movie Gallery I became a training manager in 2004 and got to travel throughout Montana & Wyoming to open new stores and train the staff. In addition, I enjoyed playing sports and after high school I become an MOA basketball official until I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. I currently live in the Phoenix, Arizona area and work for U.S. Bank in Tempe, Arizona.

My Health Struggle

 I was born at St. Vincent Hospital in Billings, Montana in 1980. During the newborn blood screening, the medical personnel uncovered my hypothyroidism. This means that my body did not make enough thyroid hormone, requiring me to take a thyroid medication every day.

Babies and children who suffer from hypothyroidism should take a thyroid hormone medication. This medication helps avoid the slowed growth and brain damage that can happen if hypothyroidism is not treated (Centers for Disease Control, 2016).

In the last few years, my thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) levels kept spiking. In late 2016, I noticed a lump in my neck that kept getting larger and larger. Although I have undergone multiple biopsies, my thyroid became malignant. Looking back on my journey the last two years I now recognize all the warning signs I overlooked. One of my biggest warning signs was my energy level and always feeling tired, then feeling hungry and at other times not wanting to eat anything. One of my other warning signs was my shortness in breath and constant coughing. I noticed my voice was constantly harsh and had long lasting throat issues. I thought this was my allergies and I adapted to living with my thyroid not working. Then late 2016, my thyroid started to grow and I knew something was not right. Through this journey I have learned the importance of being your own health advocate and asking for my physicians to complete tests on me along with asking more questions. I made a binder and kept all my records together and if I had any questions I made sure to write them down so I didn't forget.  See my blog for more of my journey.